Travel Resources

Do you have a hard time deciding which companies to use for your travels? There are many companies to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to tell them apart. So which ones should you use, when you’re about to go travel? Below is all the companies I use on a regular basis. It’s listed on this page because I truly believe in them. They are highly trusted and you can be sure, that they are providing the BEST value for money. That is why I have been using them for years.


Momondo is my “go-to” website for searching tickets to literally anywhere around the world. They have a great interface and I often find them to be the cheapest. You can sort your search by cheapest, best and quickest. Their calendar view makes it possible to see what days are the cheapest to fly. It’s handy if you can be flexible with your travel dates. I recommend you to start all your flight searches with Momondo.


I’m using Skyscanner more often now than I use to do. The website is very easy to navigate. The anywhere search makes it possible to find cheap tickets and inspiration for new places, in just a few clicks. I really like that the site is quick and fast loading – compared to similar sites. Also, it includes many budget airline carriers, that most competition misses. Try out their anywhere search. It works great!


Google Flights is a great search engine to find tickets to anywhere around the world. They are especially great for flight alerts. You can track a particular route or flight and get a flight alert via e-mail when the price changes. Some of the competition offers this as well, but I find Google Flights to be the most accurate and the fastest to notify you when your tracked route increase or decrease in price.


I use Expedia to buy tickets if I need to show proof of onward travel. It’s possible to buy tickets with “free 24-hour cancellation/ refundable tickets”. I buy a ticket, and then I cancel right after I receive the confirmation. It’s a very easy and convenient way to show proof of onward travel, without actually spending any money. 


Airbnb is one of my favorites. It connects you with a lot of private homeowners and guesthouses, who’s renting out their property. You can also find accommodation in a bed & breakfast. If you search in advance, it’s possible to find many unique places to rent, to sometimes a fraction of the price, compared to the cost of a hotel room.


I use the most together with Airbnb. It’s an amazing app. So easy to navigate and they offer the widest selection of budget accommodation around the world. Most often you have free cancellation included. In my experience though, I often find the same accommodation on the same dates on Agoda, for cheaper. So I always compare those two and order where it’s cheapest. 


I use Agoda occasionally. Especially when I travel around Central America and Asia because I most often find the accommodation to be cheaper, compared to I still prefer the app from


This is the perfect way to meet new people from all over the world and immerse yourself in other cultures. It’s a community of likeminded people who are letting you stay on the couch or in a room for free. It’s all about connecting and it’s a great way to socialize with locals.


Hostelworld is the best place to book your hostel stays. They have listings in 178 countries and over 12 million verified reviews. No booking fees and 24/7 customer service. I use them for almost all my hostel bookings.


Indy-guide is a gem. If you prefer private guided tours without any “middleman” taking a big piece of the pie, then Indyguide is a great option. You can choose your destination and your needs, and then local guides will be in touch with you to discuss prices and inclusions. I’ve been using them in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. I highly recommend them.


Intrepid is great for those on a budget or for those who wish to have an adventure full of activities and with everything included. Their guides/ leaders are highly professional, and it’s a perfect way to travel if your solo and wants to connect with other travelers. Intrepid cares about responsible travel. They invest a lot in local communities, human rights, animal welfare and they are becoming climate positive, which is great! I’ve been using them a few times.


Find popular tours for cheap. From cooking classes to surf lessons, to guided hiking tours, to multiple day tours. Airbnb has a lot of options and it’s often cheaper, compared to if you book locally, or at your accommodation. Most tours have lots of reviews, so you know it will be a good one. I use it a lot.