Revo Luggage Review: Durable, American Made Suitcases

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Revo is known for producing durable, American made suitcases that are ideal for short getaways and extended international adventures. Whether you’re looking to purchase a portable carry-on bag or a spacious suitcase it’s well worth discovering some of the key facts about Revo’s durable suitcases. Especially if you’re sick of using a suitcase which is easily damaged and is hard to pull around a large airport. 

Revo Facts

Revo’s headquarters are located in Mira Loma California:

If you’re looking to support an American brand, you’ll be pleased to read that Revo was founded in California. Revo’s mission is to produce high quality, American made suitcases and was created to provide new jobs for Americans. 

Revo is short for revolution: 
The name Revo is short for revolution and was inspired by the idea that just as suitcase wheels complete revolutions, Revo’s team will continue to revolutionize their luggage. 

The Good Stuff

  • Portability: Revo luggage reviews rave about the fact that Revo’s suitcases are so easy to move and transport.
  • Build quality: As Revo suitcases are made in the USA, you can expect to receive a premium, high-quality suitcase. 
  • Durability: Due to their construction, a Revo suitcase should last you over a decade of average use. 
  • Warranty: If you find a fault with your suitcase, you won’t find yourself out of pocket as you’ll be able to request a quick repair or replacement. 
  • Handy features: Each Revo suitcases include an in-built TSA lock, an extra bottom handle and two zipper compartments. 

The Bad Stuff

  • Revo’s suitcases aren’t the lightest suitcases on the market.
  • While Revo’s polycarbonate suitcases aren’t heavy, they are slightly heavier than hard-sided suitcases that are manufactured from ABS plastic. Due to this reason, Revo’s polycarbonate suitcases range in weight from 4.31 kg to 5.49 kg. On a scale from light to heavy, Revo’s hard-side suitcases are average in weight. However, on the bright side, polycarbonate is almost indestructible. So if you opt to purchase a hard-side Revo suitcase, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. 
  • Lack of external pockets: If you opt for one of Revo’s hard-side suitcases you’ll have to go without external pockets. However, on the flip-side, you won’t have to worry about individuals trying to sneak items into an easily accessible external pocket or having items stolen from an unsecured external pocket. 

The Verdict 

If you’re looking to purchase a hardy suitcase which you’ll be able to use for a decade, it’s well worth investing in purchasing Revo luggage. As not only are Revo suitcases extremely well made and durable, but they are also easy to organize and a breeze to use. In fact, Revo suitcases are so easy to move around that a child could easily pull a Revo suitcase along, thanks to the 8 Multi-directional spinner wheels!

Revo Luggage Review In-Depth


Revo offers 25″, 26″ and 32″ suitcases.

The 25″ model measures 10 inches x 17.5 inches x 25 inches. Due to its compact size, the 25″ Revo Impact Expandable Hardside Spinner can be used as a carry-on bag. If you’re searching for the perfect suitcase for short trips such as weekend getaways you’ll love the compact size of the 25″ model. When it’s empty the 25″ model weighs approximately 4.99 kg. So if you’d like to purchase Revo luggage carry on, opt to order a 25″ model. 

If you’re looking for a slightly larger suitcase which you’ll be able to use for week-long trips you may be interested in the 26″ Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner. It measures 17.5 inches x 11 inches x 26 inches. Like the 25″ model you’ll also be able to use the 26″ model as a carry on bag. When it’s empty the 26″ model weighs approximately 4.31 kg.

If you’re the type of traveler who likes to be prepared for every situation your go-to suitcase should be the 32″ Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner. As it offers plenty of room for your clothing, shoes, camera equipment, electronics, and souvenirs. The only downside to the 32″ Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner is that it exceeds most airlines’ maximum measurements for a carry on bag. So you’ll have to check it in. When it’s empty the 32″ model weighs approximately 5.49 kg.

The Build Quality

Each Revo suitcase is produced in the USA and is manufactured out of local and imported parts. Revo uses premium, high-quality materials such as virgin Makrolon polycarbonate and aluminum to manufacture sturdy suitcases which will stand the test of time.

If you’re hunting for the sturdiest hard-side suitcase which Revo offers opt for a suitcase from the Luna collection. As in 2018, the Luna suitcase was named as one of All American Review’s best American hard-side suitcases. 


Each hard-side Revo suitcase boasts a durable Makrolon polycarbonate body and a reliable aluminum handle. If you travel on a regular basis or prefer to check in your luggage, it’s definitely worth investing in a suitcase which offers a hard Makrolon polycarbonate body. Due to the fact that polycarbonate is an extremely strong, durable material that is extremely resistant to damage. As a bonus Makrolon polycarbonate is resistant to UV rays, so you won’t have to worry about your suitcase’s finish fading over time.

In contrast, Revo’s softside suitcases are manufactured out of either nylon or ballistic hobby polyester. Both of which are resistant to developing unsightly snags and tears which will quickly age your brand new suitcase.

All of Revo’s suitcases also feature innovative self-repairing zippers. If you discover that your zipper teeth have come apart you’ll be able to quickly fix your zipper by simply opening and closing your zipper.

Hardside VS Softside

If your number one concern is durability, it’s within your best interests to opt for a hard-side Revo suitcase. As a hard-side Makrolon polycarbonate suitcase will provide your valuables with added protection. However, if you’re looking for a suitcase which has a less rigid body which you’ll be able to cram into small spaces you may want to shop around for a soft side Revo suitcase. 


  • Built-in TSA lock: All of Revo’s models feature a built-in TSA approved lock. So you can rest assured that the only individuals who’ll be able to access your suitcase will be TSA officials.
  • 8 Multi-directional spinner wheels: The majority of Revo suitcases boast 8 multi-directional spinner wheels which are comprised of rubber. Multi-directional spinner wheels are essential for frequent travelers as you’ll be able to glide your suitcase through busy airports and over uneven terrain with ease. As an example, you’ll be able to push or pull your suitcase over cobblestone paths in Europe with no fuss.

    If you’re familiar with the frustration of trying to avoid getting your suitcase’s wheels stuck in gravel or cobblestones, you’ll be thoroughly impressed the first time that you wheel a Revo suitcase over uneven terrain. 

    Why are spinner wheels superior to traditional roller wheels? Roller wheels only move in one direction whereas spinner wheels are capable of moving in any direction. As a result, modern suitcases with spinner wheels are a lot easier to use than traditional suitcases which offer roller wheels. As an added bonus you’ll be able to roll a Revo suitcase with multi-directional spinner wheels beside you, instead of having to pull your suitcase behind you. If you’re concerned about theft, being able to keep your suitcase right next to your body, will help alleviate your worries.
  • Double mesh zipper compartments: As Revo suitcases offer double mesh zipper compartments you’ll find it easy to organize your belongings. You may choose to zip all of your clean clothes in one compartment and your worn clothes in the second compartment. Or you may want to place your shoes and toiletries in one compartment and your clothing and electronics in your second zipper compartment.
  • Additional handle: Revo’s suitcases boast a top handle and a bottom handle, which makes removing your suitcase from the trunk of your car a breeze.


The vast majority of Revo’s hard-side suitcases have a glossy finish that is effortlessly stylish. However, if you’re not sold on the idea of pushing around an eye-catching glossy suitcase Revo also offers the Commando model which features a more subtle matte finish. Currently, most of Revo’s collections come in neutral or classic hues such as silver, black, red and navy. 

If you’re curious about Revo’s different collections, Revo currently offers five stylish luggage collections. Revo’s Luna collection offers glossy suitcases which boast a ribbed texture while their Commando collection offers matte suitcases which incorporate a diamond-cut texture. The Twist collection is comprised of pliable soft side suitcases while the Impact II collection features a striking diamond embossed finish. Lastly, Revo also produces a collection of highly-rated duffle bags, which are ideal for short camping trips or overnight trips. 


Revo offers all of its customers a 10-year limited warranty. While you won’t receive a refund or replacement if your Revo suitcase sustains everyday wear and tear, Revo will happily repair or replace your suitcase if you notice any defects in workmanship or material. As an example, Revo will either repair or replace your Revo suitcase if it has a faulty spinner wheel or zip. Just be sure to hold on to your proof of purchase. 

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