Malaysia or Thailand for a Honeymoon? Let’s Find Out!

So, where should you go?

Malaysia or Thailand for Honeymoon?

Malaysia is a great all-round destination for honeymooners. It has laid-back romantic islands, a futuristic capital, and the mountain landscapes are appealing to romantics. The country has good weather all year round. It’s slightly cheaper than in Thailand and less touristy. Some honeymooners may, however, prefer Thailand, as the vibrant country boasts lively islands, buzzing cities, superb shopping, and eclectic, colorful nightlife. So, if you’re seeking a livelier honeymoon, Thailand is a fabulous choice. 

Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. If you are thinking about traveling to Southeast Asia, the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Thailand are popular choices, but which suits your requirements the most?

Do you choose laid-back beaches of Langkawi or Pangkor in Malaysia or romantic islands of Koh Samui or Koh Phi Phi in Thailand? Do you select the bustling futuristic metropolis of Kuala Lumpur or vibrant and historic Bangkok?

There are also places packed with nature in both countries including Cameron Highlands or Sabah in Malaysia or Thailand’s Golden Triangle of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

In this article we will be exploring which is best – Malaysia vs Thailand for honeymoon and taking a look at:

  • The best times of year to travel to Malaysia or Thailand for honeymoon
  • Where to find the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Thailand and Malaysia
  • Things to see and do in each country
  • Adventure Activities for honeymooners 

What Is the Best Time of Year to Travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia or Thailand for Honeymoon?

What’s the best time to visit Malaysia? The best time to visit Malaysia is during the dry season between December and February on the west coast and islands of Langkawi and Penang, or between May and September if you plan to visit the East coast of Malaysia and Tioman Island.

Malaysia is a tropical country in Southeast Asia, and the great news is, it doesn’t really have a winter! Weather temperatures in Malaysia are relatively stable year-round although the country does have wet and dry seasons. 

Average daily temperatures remain at around 30 degrees Celsius in Malaysia (86°f), with high humidity levels which top 80% for most of the year. 

The rainy season on the east coast is between November and late February, not ideal if you wish to go diving as the water can be quite rough and visibility is poor beneath the surface. But if you’re planning on visiting the orangutans in lush jungles of Sabah and Sarawak or scale Mount Kinabalu you can gain some great hotel deals during these times.

On Malaysia’s west coast which encompasses popular honeymoon locations of Langkawi and Penang, the rainy season is between September and October, so if you are coming solely for beach fun, it’s best to avoid these two months.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Travel to Thailand?

Railay beach

What’s the best time to visit Thailand? The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early March when the weather is cooler and humidity lower, however it’s also the busiest season, therefore, you should plan in advance.

Thailand is a vast country; therefore, weather patterns differ between regions. The weather in Thailand falls into three categories, hot, rainy, or cool. The cool season, from November to February is the most popular time to visit this vibrant country, although cool equates to around 30 degrees Celsius in Thailand (86°f)! 

Between June to November weather is unpredictable with heavy rains, but most rains only last for a few hours, meaning you can gain amazing hotel deals and still enjoy several hours of sunshine each day!

Finally, the hottest times of the year are between March and May in Thailand. Temperatures in Bangkok can reach up to a sweltering 35 degrees Celsius (95°f), so ensure you combine your city honeymoon in Thailand with a beach stay too!

**Malaysia vs Thailand for Weather: Winner – Malaysia**

Malaysia and Thailand both have hot and cooler seasons, but the weather is pretty steady all year round in Malaysia and even in the rainy season the country doesn’t get much rain per day.

Which Are the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a mix of white sandy beaches, vibrant cities, tropical jungles, and lush mountain landscapes, so which area is best for your honeymoon in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

If you enjoy city life, Kuala Lumpur offers 200 square kilometers of temples, mosques, futuristic towers, and state-of-the-art shopping malls. 

You can visit the observation point of the Petronas Towers and gain bird’s eye views of the city from the sky bridge, see the oldest Hindu temple in the city, decorated with incredible figurines painted in bright colors or admire different species of birdlife in Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. 

Kuala Lumpur is home to aquariums, museums, theme parks, and markets so if you’re seeking an “action-packed stay”, this is the place to be.

Sabah & East Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu

Honeymooners who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors will love Sabah in East Malaysia. In this area, you can take scenic train rides on the Borneo Railway, climb Mount Kinabalu, enjoy river cruises along with Klias Wetland Mangrove Forest Reserve, visit handicraft markets and partake in superb diving experiences. 

This area is completely different from mainland Malaysia, it is filled with nature, is home to diverse communities, and has abundant wildlife to discover. In short, this is the perfect honeymoon destination for nature lovers.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

For a completely different vibe, head for Cameron Highlands. This picture-perfect spot was once a scenic hill station and modeled on a traditional village in England. 

Landscapes are dotted with tea plantations, rose gardens, scenic hikes, jungle walks and there are ancient Orang Asli villages to explore. 

However, if you simply want to relax and admire the scenery, you could sip freshly picked tea and feast on sandwiches and scones on the terrace of luxury Cameron Highlands Resort.

Langkawi & Pangkor Island


Beautiful Langkawi consists of 99 islands spanning the west coast of Malaysia. These tropical islands are each filled with towns offering duty-free shopping, long stretches of powdery sand, and great dive sites. 

There are historic museums to explore, great restaurants to dine in, and a buzzing nightlife scene if you want to dance until the sun comes up.

Tiny Pangkor Island off Malaysia’s west coast is idyllic and laid-back. It’s a place where traditional fishing villages still exist and it’s home to some of Malaysia’s finest white sand beaches. 

It’s a great place to see Leatherback turtles, snorkel, hike, swim, and kayak and then enjoy a delicious seafood meal in a beachfront restaurant. A great honeymoon spot for tropical beach lovers.

Which Are the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand?

Thailand has all the ingredients for a successful honeymoon with deserted beaches, large cities, heritage sites, shimmering temples, and remote islands where you can be at one with nature. So where are the best destinations for a honeymoon in Thailand?



Phuket has everything you desire for a memorable honeymoon in Thailand. Crystal clear waters, palm-fringed beaches, lively nightlife, and amazing shopping and dining. 

You can laze on the sandy beaches of Patong or Kata all day, visit a local tailor to have a suit or dress made, marvel at the temples of Wat Chalong, take a romantic boat trip, or indulge in a Thai massage by the beach. 

It’s also possible to take boat trips to Koh Phi Phi island and famous Maya Bay, where the 1999 movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed (the film that inspired me to go backpacking and travel the world). Phuket is a great honeymoon destination if you wish to sample several locations in one stay.



Bangkok is a thrilling assault on the senses with buzzing night markets, riverside temples, and golden palaces. You can whizz around in a tuk-tuk, explore backwater channels and wooden houses of Chai Phraya River or marvel at the magnificent Grand Palace or the reclining Buddha of Wat Pho Temple. 

You can sample delicious street food in Bangkok’s China Town, or if you prefer a more refined evening, head for the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel and its rooftop bar overlooking Bangkok’s skyline.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Koh Samui island will be a welcome respite after hectic days in Bangkok. Leisurely days can be spent admiring scenery of Namuang Waterfall, exploring the Secret Buddha Garden, or kayaking in nearby Angthong Marine Park.

Koh Samui is a serene island perfect for honeymooners with great diving, delicious food, and palm-lined beaches.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Tucked away in northern Thailand, set beneath a backdrop of beautiful mountain ranges and tribal hill villages is Chiang Mai. It’s a place for seasoned travelers, those who have experienced the beach resorts and capital cities, and want something new.

In Chiang Mai, you can immerse yourself in Thai cookery courses, enjoy a Thai massage, browse local handicraft markets, and explore ancient stupas of Wat Chedi Luang. Hiking is also a popular activity!

**Best Honeymoon Destination Thailand vs Malaysia: Winner: Both**

There is really no such thing as the best honeymoon destination. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want a mix of city life and remote island magic, you can never go wrong with Thailand. However, if you are seeking nature and activity-filled days, choose Malaysia.

What Is There to See and Do in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a diverse country with islands, futuristic and colonial cities and landscapes covered with tea plantations. So, what can honeymooners see and do in Malaysia?



Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are the most iconic buildings in Malaysia. They are the tallest twin towers in the world with modern shopping malls, observation decks and restaurants inside. A sky bridge connects the towers allowing for incredible photographs of the city below.

If you enjoy local history, Malacca is a great place to visit. This historic city was once a major trading port of Southeast Asia and it boasts interesting architecture, colourful street art, colonial style houses and fascinating museums.  

In Penang, Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site is a unique mix of Chinese manor houses, pubs, art cafes, and luxury boutiques. Alternatively, venture to the Sky Bridge of Pantai Kok, Langkawi. To access the bridge, take a cable car ride across forested mountains to the summit and enjoy awe-inspiring island views.


Malaysian street food

You will discover delicious, diverse cuisine in Malaysia. The most popular Malay dishes to sample during your stay are Char kway teow (a tasty noodle and pork dish), and nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice and chicken satay).

The country of Malaysia is diverse with culinary influences from China, India, Indonesia and Europe. Food is aromatic and spicy, and many dishes are seasoned with herbs and spices grown locally. You can sample mouth-watering dishes in fine restaurants, hawker centres and from street food stalls.


Mall in Kuala Lumpur

You will find modern shopping malls in the main cities of Kuala Lumpur and Penang where you can browse the latest technology items, clothing, jewellery and crafts. 

In Langkawi and Labuan, enjoy duty-free shopping, with access to perfumes, cheap alcohol, cosmetics and chocolates!

The best handicrafts, clothing and locally made gifts can be purchased in Malacca along Jonker Street or vintage Hatten Square Suites and the good news is you can haggle in markets for the best prices! 

What Is There to See and Do in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most culturally rich countries in Asia, if not the world. With ancient palaces, temples, Buddha’s and scenic islands to explore, you will be spoiled for choice. So, when you’re trying to decide on Malaysia vs Thailand for honeymoon, which will it be?



If you’re starting your honeymoon in Bangkok there are many cultural sites to see. Begin at the Grand Palace, a famous complex of intricately designed buildings nestled by the river. 

Climb the steps of Wat Arun at sunrise, and see the city come to life or visit the Reclining Buddha of Wat Pho and leave an offering of incense or lotus flowers to the sacred deity. 

You can enjoy a boat ride to the wooden houses of Bangkok’s backwaters and see how life in the city used to be or experience the buzzing atmosphere of a floating market just outside the city.

In UNESCO listed Ayutthaya, Thailand’s ancient city transports you back in time to Thailand’s golden age or you may wish to experience a Muay Thai boxing match in Phuket. You can even train Muay Thai at one of the many gyms around. I did that for a few months and it’s highly recommended!

From Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi you can visit the sea gypsy communities. Wooden houses and football pitches built on stilts are home to hundreds of indigenous peoples. Get to know their lives, cuisine and culture on an interesting day trip.


Pad Thai

Thailand offers everything from fine dining to street market stalls serving noodles, curries, spicy soups and pad thai dishes. It’s really cheap to dine out, especially at the night markets and off the tourist trail. 

Don’t forget to sample, Tom yum Goong, spicy shrimp soup, Gaeng Daeng (red curry with meat or vegetables), and Pad Thai (Thai-style fried noodles with beansprouts, fish sauce, shrimp and egg).


Float market

Thailand is a shopper’s heaven. There are talented tailors who can make you silk garments overnight, hidden shops where you can purchase teak furniture or wooden carved Buddha statues. 

Bangkok has a variety of luxury megamalls with designer shops, Thai massage parlours, aquariums, cinemas and restaurants. If it’s designer goods you’re after, check out Siam Paragon near the Siam BTS Skytrain Station.

At Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok you can purchase unusual handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs. With thousands of stalls to browse selling everything from antiques to trinkets and jewellery, you’re sure to find something to take home with you.

If you wish to experience a taste of the real Thailand, head out to the floating market of Damnoen Saduak near Bangkok. The location was used in scenes from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ a 1974 James Bond film. Rows of boats float up and down serving bowls of piping hot noodles and selling fruit to onlookers. The atmosphere is hectic, authentic and a must see for all honeymooners in Thailand.

Things to See and Do – Malaysia vs Thailand: **Winner – Thailand**

Thailand really has something for everyone on honeymoon. If you want to explore cultural landmarks, there are many, even on the islands. Lively markets and modern shopping malls offer superb retail experiences and you can sample almost any type of food from Thai to Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine, catering to all tastes.

Which Is Best for Adventure Activities, Malaysia or Thailand?

You’ve seen historic sites, browsed floating markets indulged in retail therapy and sampled street food, now you want to experience thrilling adventure activities on your trip. So, which is best for adventure activities, Malaysia or Thailand?

Adventure Activities in Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia

Malaysia offers a range of adventure activities for energetic honeymooners including hiking, bungee jumping, cycling, jungle treks, swimming, fishing and scuba diving! 

You can take a hot air balloon ride over the countryside, a helicopter flight over Kuala Lumpur, enjoy a thrilling tandem skydive, or parasail and scuba dive in Langkawi.

If you fancy playing a round of golf, you’ll find world-class courses in Johor, Pahang, and outside Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, try something different and enjoy an expedition to the famous Batu Caves and discover stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years.

Adventure Activities in Thailand

white water rafting

When you think of extreme adventures you don’t often think of Thailand, but there are so many adrenaline (and calmer) sports to enjoy. 

You can scuba dive with whale sharks in Phuket, go white water rafting near Chiang Mai, kitesurf in Pattaya or Hua Hin. There’s also wakeboarding, rock climbing at Laem Phra Nang in beautiful Krabi, and even skydiving at several beach resorts on the islands!

Khao Lak north of Phuket offers great surfing and if you enjoy mountain biking together, you can explore the emerald forest trails of Chiang Mai.

**Best of Adventure Activities Malaysia vs Thailand: Winner Malaysia**

Both countries offer amazing activities, however, for uniqueness and couple-friendly pursuits, Malaysia wins, but only just. 


**Malaysia vs Thailand for Honeymoon: Winner – Malaysia**

This was a close call, but for activities, good year-round weather, Malaysia offers an array of romantic honeymoon destinations. There are unspoiled tropical islands, historic cities, highland hill stations, great shopping, and beautiful natural landscapes. And when it comes to activities you can both enjoy diving, caving, parasailing, bungee jumping, and much more.

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