How to Find the best Hiking Near me

hiking near me

If you enjoy the thrill of exploring a new hiking trail for the first time, it’s well worth searching for hiking near me in your area. As you may be surprised at how many local hiking trails are located in your town or city, which you’ve never explored.

If you’re lucky, you may even discover an exciting, picturesque hiking trail, which you’ll be able to share with your friends and family members. Just imagine how impressed your friends will be when you show them a waterfall track in your city, that they weren’t aware of. 

To discover how to find the best hiking trails near you, continue reading to learn a few handy tips, which will make your search for nearby hiking trails easier. After all, life is far too short to hike the same trails, over and over. 

Search for Nearby Hiking Tracks

While you may use Yelp to search for restaurants and local businesses on a daily basis, you may not have used Yelp to locate nearby hiking trails. If you visit, you’ll instantly bring up a list of hiking trails, which are within close proximity of your current location. As well as finding off-road tracks, you’ll also find coastal trails and city walks. 

If you travel on a frequent basis, make sure to use this helpful link, when you arrive in a new destination. As it works anywhere in the world. So you’ll quickly be able to find stunning hiking trails in exotic locales such as Bali and the Amalfi Coast. As well as hiking trails in your home town.

Use Yelp’s Tools to Narrow Down your Search Results

If you’re unsure of which hiking trail to pick, consider sorting your results by the highest rated hiking tracks. Or you may want to use Yelp’s handy map to select a trail in a scenic area, which you’re keen to explore.

Alternatively, you may want to refine your search results by hiking trails that are located within walking distance, biking distance or driving distance, of your current location.

Hiking in Russia

Download the Yelp Mobile App

If hiking and exploring the great outdoors is a big part of your lifestyle, do yourself a favor and download the Yelp Mobile app. So that you’ll be able to search for “hiking trails near me”, within seconds.

Yelp Mobile app for Android:

Yelp Mobile app for Apple:

Visit to Find Highly Rated Trails features over 100,000 trails around the world and is used by over 10 million explorers. Many of whom, leave helpful reviews and ratings on the trails which they complete.

Better yet, Alltrail’s community of adventurers frequently post scenic photos from their hikes. So if you fall in love with a photo that was taken on a particular hike, you’ll be able to add the trail to your favorites list.

To search for nearby trails simply enter the name of the city, town or region which you’d like to explore. Once you have a list of search results, you’ll be free to narrow your list down by filtering your results by length, rating or difficulty level. You can even filter your results to display dog-friendly trails or child-friendly trails.

What Makes AllTrails Unique? allows its users to save their favorite trails and to get request quick driving directions to any hiking trail. However what makes Alltrails so special is its 10 million strong, community of avid, passionate hikers.

Alltrails also allows users to create and save maps of trails that they’ve discovered and wish to share with the general public. So there is a high chance of discovering unique, rarely mentioned hiking trails on 

Download the AllTrails App

Not only will you be able to access information about 100,000 unique trails, you’ll also be able to interact with detailed maps and to track your progress on your hikes.

AllTrails app for Android:

AllTrails app for Apple:

Search for Nearby Trails

It’s also a smart move to visit, to search for “hiking trails near me”. As it offers over 225,789 miles of hiking trails (as of writing this post).

To search for hiking trails that are located within a stone’s throw of your current location, simply place your current town or city into HikingProject’s search bar. You’ll then be able to sort your search listings by location, duration, and rating. Next to each hike which is listed, you’ll see the distance of each track, it’s location and it’s rating out of five stars. 

If you’re focused on finding trails that offer landscapes and views which will take your breath away, it’s well worth defining your search results by rating. As if hundreds of hikers have rated a particular hike with five stars, it’s highly likely that it will also meet your expectations of a world-class hike.

One of HikingProject’s unique features which you may find useful is their handy color system. Each hike will be rated with a difficulty rating, which is represented by a unique color. For instance, trails that are classed as being easy are listed as green tracks. While intermediate tracks are listed as being blue tracks. Once you get the hang of HikingProject’s color system you’ll find it even easier to find suitable tracks for your fitness level. 

Download the Hiking Project App

The Hiking Project app will change your life as it offers guidebook quality descriptions, photos, and stats about each hike. It will also frequently update itself, to showcase the top-rated hikes near you. As a bonus, new trails are added to the app on a regular basis.

As an added incentive to download the Hiking Project app, it can be used offline as well as online. So if you store your planned hikes to your favorites list, you’ll be able to access trail map, when you’re off the grid.

Hiking Project app for Android:

Hiking Project app for Apple:

Visit to Discover New Hikes

The quickest way to use TrailLink to find incredible trails is to type, into your browser. Once you get to this page, you’ll have the opportunity to change the zip code of the area which you’d like to browse, for available trails. Like the previous sites which are listed above, TrailLink features thousands of trails around the world. 

It’s well worth using TrailLink’s virtual map in order to get a quick indication of the locations of all of the trails which are offered in one town or city. TrailLink’s map feature is particularly useful if you’re interested in completing several trails in one day. As you’ll be able to select trails that are within walking distance of each other. 

If you find yourself using TrailLink to look for nearby trails overseas, you’ll also be able to locate trails that are located within a day’s journey of your current location. As if you see a five-star trail, with rave reviews in a nearby city, you may want to consider planning a day trip, to tick it off your bucket list. 

TrailLink Bike, Run & Walk may become the most useful hiking app on your smartphone. As it boasts a comprehensive search tool, which makes searching for your ideal trail a simple task. Currently, the app offers over 30,000 miles of tracks to explore. 

For example, you’ll be able to search for the very closest trail to your current location. Or for trails that feature a specific terrain. Such as a dirt track, a grass track, a beach track or an asphalt track. You can even search for “hiking near me with waterfalls”. If you’re dreaming of hiking out to an Instagram worthy waterfall for a quick selfie. 

You can also choose to search for tracks that measure between 5 miles and 10 miles. As the TrailLink Bike, Run & Walk app offers a handy slider feature, which you’ll be able to use to refine your search results. 

If you’re searching for an app that can be used offline, you’re also in luck as you can use all of TrailLink Bike, Run & Walk’s features without an internet connection. 

TrailLink Bike, Run & Walk app for Android:

TrailLink Bike, Run & Walk app for Apple:

Join a Local Hiking Club

Even if you’re an experienced hiker who completed hundreds of challenging trails, it’s still worth considering joining a local hiking club. As you’ll meet like-minded, individuals who are just as passionate about exploring spectacular trails as you are.

If you complete regular hikes with members of a friendly hiking club, you may make lifelong friendships with hikers who have traveled the world. Who is willing and able to share lesser-known hiking trails with you. 

Hiking in Kazakhstan

Final Thoughts

What are you waiting for? There are thousands of amazing hiking trails that are waiting to be explored. Use the above resources to find the “best hiking near me”. So grab your hiking boots, your backpack, your water bottle, and your smartphone and get ready to embark on a brand new adventure. 

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