How to Find Exciting and Fun Things to do Near me

things to do near me

In today’s modern, technology-focused age, we rely on the internet and our smartphones to find reliable information, on the go. So it makes perfect sense to use your smartphone, when you’re traveling, to find fun things to do near me. After all, almost everyone is using their smartphone to book an Uber and using Google Maps to get from a to b, so it’s a natural move to turn to your smartphone, in order to select and book fun travel experiences. 

To discover some of the online resources that I use on all of my travels, simply continue reading. To learn about the 5 online resources that I rely on to find fun things to do near me. Finding fun things to do on your travels should be a simple, fuss-free process. 

How To Find Exciting And Fun Things To Do Near Me

Use TripAdvisor

Things To Do Near Me

As well as being able to use TripAdvisor in order to find honest travel-related reviews, you can also search TripAdvisor for deals on some of the highest-rated attractions near you.

I love using TripAdvisor. They offer a low price guarantee. So you’ll be able to book attractions directly through TripAdvisor without having to spend your valuable time comparing prices for your chosen activity, on different travel websites. It’s painful to book an activity only to find it listed at half the price, on another website. 

Another reason why I feel comfortable booking travel experiences through TripAdvisor is that I’m able to cancel any activities and attractions, that I book online. As long as I do so within 24 hours of my scheduled booking. 

So if your travel plans often change at the last moment, you’ll love having peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to get 100% of your money back. For example, if your flight is delayed and you won’t be due to arrive at your next destination for two days, you’ll be able to get your money back and rebook your experience for a later date. 

TripAdvisor is an authoritative source when it comes to genuine reviews, so I always read the reviews of each available attraction or tour, before I make a decision. When I read customer reviews I keep an eye out for attractions that reviewers describe as being one of the highlights of their trip. Due to the fact that most people’s travel goals, is to make as many incredible memories they can, around the world. 

View Couchsurfing’s Event Calendar

Couchsurfing events changed my life as through Couchsurfing I was given so many incredible opportunities to take part in activities and attend events, that I would never have considered on my own. While it’s possible to pre-plan your entire trip itinerary before you head to an airport, part of the fun of traveling is being open to making the most of the unique opportunities which you’ll be given.

I’ve couch surfed with countless individuals around the world, who were generous enough to open up their homes to a fellow traveler. Many of the amazing people who I stayed with, invited me to join them on spontaneous road trips, delicious restaurants, and on exciting hiking tours

Better yet Couchsurfing offers an event calendar for each destination which is packed full of fun events, that you may want to sign up for. I regularly use Couchsurfing’s calendar on my travels to find fun, affordable activities. Some activities that I’ve signed up for in the past, include local game nights, road trips, movie nights, beer nights and of course hiking trips. 

Whether you have a strict budget to stick to or you’re simply open to making new connections, you’ll find plenty of events on Couchsurfing’s calendar to interest you.

When you click on each event that you’re interested in attending, you’ll see how many people have committed to attending it. So you’ll be sure to recognize some friendly faces when you turn up to an event that has been listed on Couchsurfing. If you’re up for it, you’ll also have the ability to plan an event and post it on the site. Then people of interest can join your activity.

One reason why I love using Couchsurfing to find fun activities near me is that every event is organized and run by a fellow Couchsurfer. So I’ve always found it easy to make new connections at Couchsurfing events, as I already have something in common with the other attendees – the passion for traveling and getting to experience life around the world, like a local. 

If you’re in need of company on your travels and want to hang out with open, friendly people, it’s well worth attending at least one Couchsurfing event on each of your international trips. Who knows, you may even bump into me at a Couchsurfing event. In that case, do make sure to say hi. 

Use Airbnb


While you may have used Airbnb on numerous occasions in order to rent affordable accommodation overseas, you may not have used Airbnb in order to book any activities before. As well as being able to book accommodation on Airbnb, you can book unique, local experiences from Airbnb hosts. As an example, you can book yoga tuition on a stand-up paddleboard on a scenic lake. You can also book a walking tour through a busy cosmopolitan city, with an experienced guide.

If like me, you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, I also recommend booking guided hikes. Your selected hosts will be able to take you to little known hiking spots, such as hidden waterfalls and backcountry trails, that you’d never learn about online. 

Typically hosts who post experiences on Airbnb have skills or knowledge that they’d like to share with travelers from around the world. So if large group tours aren’t your style, you may enjoy getting to spend one on one time with friendly locals, who are looking to make new friends.

As an example, if you’re a bit of a foodie, I highly recommend booking a cooking class. Where a local will teach you how to make their family’s traditional recipes, in their own home. The great thing about learning a skill from a local is that once you return home, you’ll have a new skill that you’ll be able to use in your everyday life. A skill which means a lot more than a tacky souvenir that has been mass-produced in China.

One benefit of using Airbnb in order to book unique, one of a kind experiences is, that you’ll be able to read honest reviews of each experience that is offered. Meaning you’ll be able to hand-select hosts who you believe you’ll have a lot of fun with. As if several reviews rave about a particular experience, there’s a high chance that you’ll get to enjoy a similar experience. 

Another advantage of booking activities and experiences through Airbnb is, that many hosts often run more than one activity. So if you thoroughly enjoy the time that you spent with the host, they may offer other experiences that you could be interested in booking. 

If your goal is to visit a lot of places and are on a “small” budget, you’ll also be able to refine your Airbnb experience results by price. Airbnb is still mostly known for its accommodation rentals, but you’ll be able to book experiences at a low cost as well. This is due to the fact that many experience hosts on Airbnb are still trying to make a name for them-self and to accumulate positive reviews. So they’ll be likely to price their experiences at an affordable price, in order to attract customers. 

To get started simply click here search for hosts and experiences in any destination around the world.

Use Facebook Events


One of the fastest ways to find fun events in a new destination is to log on Facebook, in order to search Facebook events for upcoming events. I often use Facebook events to find out about local festivals, such as music festivals, beer festivals, and cultural festivals. Many of which offer free entry, that will help you stretch your travel budget a little further.

Each time that you browse a new event listing, you’ll also be able to see how many Facebook users are planning to attend it. So if you come across a local event, that has attracted a lot of attention and has over 1,000 individuals who plan to attend it, it’s probably (from my experience) well worth adding it to your trip itinerary.

If you’re keen to make new friends and to mix and mingle with locals, you can even leave a comment on an event that you’re keen to attend, to form a group of likeminded individuals to attend it with. Even if you travel overseas solo, you’ll be able to harness the power of Facebook in order to find new friends to experience events with. You may even be surprised at just how many Facebook messages you’ll receive from other people, who are ready to experience an event with others. 

Better yet, you’ll be able to select specific events that suit your own interests, which will increase your chances of making friends with others, who you already have a lot in common with. If you do end up making new friends through a Facebook event page, you may even decide to spend more time exploring other things together. They may even be able to share their favorite spots in a city with you.

If you’re looking for free events that don’t cost anything, make sure to check Facebook for local events. Most events these days have a listing and detailed information on Facebook. In fact, some events have stopped advertising on their own websites and can only be found on Facebook’s events page. 

Use Groupon to Find Unbeatable Deals On Local Activities And Attractions


Groupon is a treasure trove for travelers, as you can find competitive deals on a wide variety of local activities and attractions, in destinations around the globe. As an example, you may be able to save a large percentage of hiring a kayak in Australia. Or you may be able to able to purchase a round of golf at a prestigious golf course in the UK, at a highly discounted rate. In some cases, you’ll be able to save over 60% of highly-rated activities and experiences.

As well as being able to book activities at a competitive price, you’ll also be able to purchase cheap, last-minute tickets to popular shows. For example, you’ll be able to purchase tickets to comedy shows, theater shows, circus shows and musicals on Groupon. So if you’re in a foreign destination and don’t feel like spending another evening in your hotel room, you’ll be able to pick up tickets to a wide variety of professional shows, at a competitive price.

Can you book day tours on Groupon? Yes, indeed. Whether you’re interested in booking a snorkeling cruise or a day trip to a world-class vineyard, it’s well worth checking out Groupon. It’s known for offering some of the best deals on day tours available. Especially if you’re looking for things to do near me with kids and don’t want to spend a small fortune booking activities for two adults and several children. Groupon offers full-day experiences, such as horse riding treks and waterpark tickets at heavily discounted prices. 

While visiting Groupon it’s also well worth checking out Groupon’s offers at restaurants and cafes near you. As you may be able to save 40% off your bill or enjoy 2 for 1 meal at a local eatery. If you’re looking to feed a hungry family, you’ll find that 2 for 1 meal will save your family a lot of money.

In Conclusion

Just think, if you rely on your smartphone for everyday use, to get from a to b and if you use Google Maps as a GPS device for your car, it makes perfect sense to also find fun travel experiences by using your smartphone. If you’re ready to get started I highly recommend using all of the innovative platforms that are listed above. All of which I frequently use on my own international adventures abroad. 

In fact, some of my most cherished travel experiences were a result of browsing those travel platforms. 

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