Can You See Mount Fuji From Tokyo

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, or Fuji-san, tops the list of Japan’s tourist attractions. Every year, over 300,000 climbers and hikers head to the mountain to hit its numerous trails and take in its breathtaking scenery. Luckily, the mountain is so iconic that you don’t need to go to it to enjoy its magnificence.

So, can you see Mount Fuji from Tokyo? You can see Mount Fuji from various locations in Tokyo. The best places to see Mount Fuji is from tall buildings, strategic points on hills and mountains. The period from October to February gives the best views, especially early in the morning.

This article is all about how and where you’re able to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo. I have indicated how far Mount Fuji is from Tokyo and highlighted the best spots for perfect views. Also, find out the best timing for your adventure.

How Far Is Mount Fuji From Tokyo?

Mt. Fuji is located about 60 miles (100km) southwest of Japan’s capital Tokyo. Flying, driving, and train distance between the two can vary from 60-70 miles (100-112km). Given that Mount Fuji rises way above Tokyo City at 3776m (12,389ft), it can be seen from various locations in Tokyo.

Tokyo City is at an elevation of 40m. However, the city is home to tall buildings and structures. From here, you can have panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Also, there are hills and other mountains in Tokyo. The highest elevation, 2017m (6617ft), is at the summit of Mount Kumotori. On the southwestern side of the city, Mount Fuji towers over the highest elevations in Tokyo.

In such ventures, I always carry my favorite pair of Binoculars alongside my camera. I wouldn’t waste any opportunity to see the Fuji-san bigger and in more detail!

Where Can You See Mount Fuji From Tokyo?

Mount Fuji from Tokyo

The best places to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo are observation decks on tall buildings and structures. Examples include Bunkyo Civic Center, the Metropolitan Government Building, and the Tokyo SkyTree. Other strategic places include Mount Takao, Mount Kumotori, and Tokyo Sea Life Park.

Are you armed with a Camera? I have highlighted places where you can see and take the best shots of the Fuji-san.

Bunkyo Civic Center

This is a government building in Tokyo. It houses the municipal offices for Bunkyo ward. Additionally, it doubles as an entertainment and sightseeing center.

On the 25th floor of the civic Center building, there is an observation deck. From the deck, you can have a 330-degrees view of Tokyo. You can also see Mount Fuji rising above the tall buildings in the district of Shinjuku on the western side.

Other beautiful views from the deck include Mount Tsukuba to the north and Tokyo SkyTree to the east. If you love classical music concerts, don’t leave the building without checking if there’s an event at the Bunkyo Entertainment Hall.

Mount Takao (Takaosan)

Would you like to combine your adventure with hiking? According to Wikipedia, it takes you about 90 minutes to hike to the top of Mount Takao. At the summit, which is 599m (1965ft) high, you can have one of the best views of Mount Fuji from Tokyo. The view is more captivating on clear days.

During your hike, you can explore the Takao 599 Museum, a monkey park, and a temple called Yakuoin. You can then return to the base of the mountain to have a refreshing hot spring bath at Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu.

Did you know that Japan is home to numerous hot springs where you can take a cleansing bath? This is one of the most interesting facts about Japan.

If you are not up for taking the entire hike, don’t give up yet. Cable cars or chair lifts are available to take you halfway up the mountain. This way, you can reduce the hiking time by half.

Meguro Sky Garden

This is a unique garden in Tokyo. It is suspended over a highway and resembles a long circular rooftop.

The 7000m2 garden has large lawns ideal for picnics and benches on which you can sit for some peace and quiet.

The best part about the park is the scenic view of the surroundings. On a clear day, it’s a great place to see Mount Fuji. 

The good news is that entry to this park and most of the places where you can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo are free. Sky Garden remains open from 7 am to 7 pm or 5 pm in winter.

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

How would you like to check out and use the world’s cleanest and best domestic airport? Haneda Airport has made all effort to assure you comfort as you wait to take your flight. You can try some Japanese cuisine, charge your phone, do some shopping, and use your laptop before your flight.

On the 5th floor of the International Passenger terminal, there’s an observation deck. Here, you can pass the time watching the sea and the departing/landing airplanes. In the further distance, you can see Mount Fuji and many other buildings in Shinagawa City.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The building is located in the Nishi-Shinjuku district, also nicknamed the Skyscraper district. From Shinjuku Station, you will walk for about 10 minutes.

At 243m (797ft) high, the Metropolitan Government Building is among Tokyo’s tallest buildings. It has two towers, the north and south, and with each comes an observatory on the 45th floor.

From each observatory, you can see Mount Fuji in fine weather. However, the southern one has a lot more picturesque views to offer. You can see Roppongi Hills, Tokyo SkyTree, Tokyo Dome, and the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

SkyTree’s Observation Deck

According to the Guinness World Records, Tokyo SkyTree is the world’s tallest tower. At 634m (2080ft) high, the tower is designed for television and radio broadcasting.

Its height gives the tower an advantage over other places. It provides better panoramic views of the Japanese capital. From the tower’s observation deck, you can see mount Fuji early in the morning on clear days. Even better, the view is unobstructed by any buildings or mountains.

If you decide to try the Tokyo SkyTree view of Mount Fuji, you might as well make your trip worthwhile. You can buy souvenirs at the SkyTree Shop and shop at Tokyo Solamachi. Also, be sure to check out some of the Japanese menus at Musashi Sky Restaurant.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

This is an excellent place to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo, unobstructed by buildings. Also, if you are particularly fascinated by sea life, the park is an opportunity to explore hundreds of species of sea creatures.

Do you want a sneak peek into what the park is all about? The video below is just a preview of the incredible experience at the sea life park.

Located in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Sea Life Park is home to one of Tokyo’s largest penguin habitats. The massive Bluefin tuna also stand out from the rest.

Sealife aside, the park faces Tokyo Bay. If you happen to be there at sunset, it gives you the perfect ‘Diamond Fuji.’ This scenario is where the sun seems to be resting on Fuji’s summit while shining like a diamond.

Other Places to View Mount Fuji From Tokyo

  • Fujimi Terrace
  • From Mount Kumotori Summit
  • Futako-Tamagawa Rise
  • Isshiki Beach
  • Wakasu Seaside Park
  • While traveling by bullet train(shinkansen) from Tokyo to Kyoto and back
  • Carrot Tower in Sangenjaya

The Best Time to See Mount Fuji From Tokyo

Mount Fuji is visible all year round, although the degree of visibility varies. The best time to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo is from October through February. This period makes part of fall and winter with cold weather but clear days—the best views of Mount Fuji are during the early morning. 

The highlight of viewing the mountain in winter is the snowcaps. While spring is cool and less humid compared to summer, it can also get misty. This is called a springtime haze, and it affects visibility.

Final Words

Mount Fuji is visible from Tokyo in more places than you can exhaust. Even better, these places have more to offer than just the view of the mountain. Whatever is on your list of things-to-do in Japan’s capital, you can find a nearby place to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji.

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