A Complete Nude Camping Guide

nude camping

If you’re curious about the world of nude camping, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to nude camping in the US and will discover handy tips that will help you plan your very first nude camping trip. 

Better yet, you’ll also find a list of some of the best nude campgrounds that are located across the United States. Many of which offer a wide variety of on-site facilities and are extra welcoming to first-timers. By the end of this article, you should have a fair idea of whether or not nude camping is for you.

How to Visit a Nude Campground

nude campground

Select your First Nude Campground Carefully

Ensure to choose your first nude campground carefully. As an example, some nude campgrounds allow campers to wear clothing or a limited amount of clothing. So if you want to ease your way into nude camping, you may want to stay at a nude campground, which will allow you to wear your bathing suit until you’re comfortable enough to ditch all of your clothes. Such campsites are generally referred to as clothing-optional campgrounds.

Try not to Feel too Self-Conscious

While it’s natural to feel nervous, during your first visit to a nude campground, try to relax as much as possible. Everyone is in the same boat as you are, so to speak, and you won’t be the only one walking around naked. Also, keep in mind that it’s highly unlikely that other campers will assess your body or will stare at your body. In general, nudists are very accepting of people of all body types and personalities.

There’s also no need to fear the feeling of being sexualized by other campers, as almost all nudists don’t shed their clothes for sexual purposes. They simply enjoy the freedom of being nude.

Enjoy Spending Ample Time in Nature

Spending time in nature nude is an incredibly freeing experience. You’ll get to feel the sun’s warm rays on your body. If you pick a campground that is close to the sea or a lake, you’ll be able to swim freely, without having to worry about adjusting your bathing suit, and you will be able to swim unobstructed. Just imagine how much easier it will be to walk out of the water without having to wear a bathing suit, which is wet and uncomfortable.

During your first visit to a nude campground, you’ll be able to take part in a wide variety of outdoor activities. Examples of which may include swimming, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, and tennis.

Remember to Pack Shoes

While you may spend most of your vacation nude, if you plan on hiking or walking around uneven terrain, you may want to pack a pair of sneakers, as well as a pair of sandals. 

The Benefits of Nude Camping

nude camping

Feeling Free

Most nude campers were drawn to the world of nude camping, as they enjoy the freedom to enjoy life in their natural state. Once you experience the freedom to swim, socialize, and walk around nude, having to put clothes on at the ending of your camping trip, may seem like an unnecessary restriction.

You’ll be Able to Make Life Long Friendships

Through naked camping, you’ll get to meet friendly, adventurous, free-thinking individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. You may even end up planning future nude vacations with your new-found friends.

Your Confidence May Increase

Once you get used to nude camping, your confidence may increase due to being comfortable in your own skin instead of hiding behind your clothes. You’ll become comfortable with letting people see you in your natural state. You may even find that you’ll be more accepting of your body and will let go of any perceived flaws you might have about yourself. As when you see so many people nude, you’ll get to realize on a deeper level that the human body comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

Your Skin Will be Exposed to Vitamin D

Vitamin D can help slow down the effects of aging and will provide your skin with calcitriol. Calcitriol can help your skin cells repair themselves and grow, which can help your skin maintain its useful appearance.

Nude Camping Breaks Down Social Barriers

Nude camping definitely breaks down social barriers. For instance, individuals who have different amounts of wealth or come from different backgrounds are likely to strike up conversations with each other. As when you’re naked, people can’t hide behind the brand labels or judge people based on their choice of outfit.

Rules that you have to Follow

nude camping
  • Ensure that nude camping is permitted. You can choose to stay at a nude campground or visit an area such as a nude beach where nudity is permitted. While you may be tempted to freedom camp nude in a remote location, if you are spotted, you may be prosecuted by the local authorities since public nudity is illegal in most parts of the world.
  • Carry a towel with you wherever you go. Many nude campgrounds will require you to carry a towel around with you to sit on for sanitary purposes.
  • Be careful when it comes to public displays of affection. While rules vary from campground to campground, limit your public displays of affections to hugs and short kisses. Most nude campgrounds ban intimate behavior in shared public spaces.
  • Don’t engage in inappropriate behavior. Most nude campgrounds have clear rules which state that if you give other individuals unwanted attention, you’ll be immediately asked to leave. Examples of unwanted attention include unwanted touching, staring, verbal and non-verbal actions.
  • Put your camera away. To protect the privacy of campers, most nude campgrounds ban the use of cameras. Some campgrounds even require campers to place stickers over their smart phone’s camera.

Advice for People Thinking of Trying it out

naked camping

Get in Touch with the Owners of the Campgrounds

The best way to get a feel of whether or not you’ll be comfortable staying at any particular campground is to call or email the campgrounds that you end up shortlisting. You may want to write down some of your questions in advance to ensure that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Some questions you may want to ask include whether a campground is suitable for singles, as some campgrounds cater primarily to couples. In fact, some nude campgrounds turn away singles who they believe may visit a nude campground to find sex partners. You may also want to ask what the typical age range is if you’re looking to make friends around your age.

One of the key advantages of talking to the owners of nude campgrounds is that you’ll be able to tell them that you’re looking to attend a nude campground for the first time. As a result, the owners of your chosen campground may be able to give you a tour of the campground when you first arrive and will be able to give you handy tips for first-time nudists. To ensure that you’ll feel at ease during your first day at your chosen nude campground.

If someone you speak to isn’t friendly and supportive of your decision to try out nude camping for the first time, move on. There are plenty of nude campgrounds in the US that are welcoming to first-time campers.

Choose a Campground that Suits your Camping Preferences

There is a wide array of nude campgrounds. Some of which offer glamping tents and comfortable cabins, and some which offer less glamorous campsites. If you’re nude camping for the first time, you may enjoy having your own cabin to retreat to when you want your own privacy.

Look at Peoples’ Faces

It can be hard to know where to look when you find yourself in a social situation, at a nude campground for the first time. Just focus on maintaining natural eye contact and to talk normally, as if you were fully clothed. This one can be difficult because first-timers tend to be very curious. That is normal. It’s not every day that you see so many naked people.

Don’t Feel Bad if you have to Retreat to your Tent or Cabin

If you feel overwhelmed at first, don’t feel guilty if you need to retreat to your tent or cabin for an hour. However, any feelings of embarrassment should ease after your first day at a nude campground. By the end of your camping trip, you’ll be able to swim, run, walk confidently without a care in the world. Sometimes new situations require a little time to adjust to.

Join the AANR Community

AANR community

The acronym AANR stands for the American Association for Nude Recreation. If you’re curious about nude camping, it’s well worth joining the AANR as it provides a wide variety of useful resources that will help you ease your way into the exciting world of nudist camping.

If you visit AANR.com, you’ll find an events page, where you’ll be able to find details about the AANR community’s latest events. Several pages list out nude beaches, nude clubs, and nude campgrounds. You’ll also find a dedicated forum, where you’ll be able to ask long time nudists any burning questions that you may have about nude camping.

If you’re interested in becoming a paid member of the AANR community, you’ll need to sign up for a $64 one year membership or a $113 two year membership. The ANNR also offers couples memberships that start at $113 for a year and $211 for two years (at the time of writing).

Nudist Campgrounds in the USA


Dyer Woods Nudist Campground

Dyer Woods Nudist Campground is located in Rhode Island and is set on 200 acres of private land. It offers a spacious swimming pool, a camp store, a beautiful clubhouse, a sand volleyball court, and a luxurious penthouse that you can hire. If you’re a keen hiker, you’re in luck as the campground offers a few scenic hiking trails.

Keep in mind that full nudity is required in the campground’s common areas but that you’re welcome to wear clothes on your hikes or in your private accommodation. Currently, the campground is only open to new visitors in spring, as for the rest of the year, it only accepts reservations from its long-term members.

Cherry Lane Nudist Resort

Cherry Lane Nudist Resort was first established in 1967 and is located in North Addams, Michigan. If you visit Cherry Lane Nudist Resort, you have two options. You can bring your own RV or tent, or you can rent a fully furnished trailer for the duration of your trip.

The resort offers 80 acres of scenic land and offers a sand volleyball court that regularly hosts volleyball tournaments, as well as a refreshing pool. It also backs straight on to the Cherry Lane Nudist Resort Links, an 18 hole golf course.

Just keep in mind that you have to be 21 or older to visit this particular resort. However, unlike Dyer Woods Nudist Campground, which offers limited dates to non-members, Cherry Lane Nudist Resort accepts bookings from non-members, all year round.

Hanging’ Loose

Hanging’ Loose is located on Hawaii’s rugged Big Island and is the perfect location for an adventure-filled vacation. It offers comfortable, well-equipped cabins as well as a traditional yurt. If you’ve never slept in a yurt before, I highly recommend it.

On your trip to Big Island, you’ll get to snorkel with dolphins and sea turtles while nude, which will be an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. The campground itself offers a pool, a bar where you can order fun cocktails, and a spacious communal hot tub.

Hidden River Resort

Hidden River Resort is located in sunny Florida and is located in a picturesque forest, which boasts 88 acres of hiking trails. Hidden River Resort welcomes first-time nudists and aims to provide a stress-free first experience for those new to the world of nude camping.

The campground offers 30 amp and 50 amp campsites, where you’ll be able to pitch a tent or park your RV. Some of the campground’s on-site facilities include a communal outdoor kitchen, a full bathhouse, and a swimming pool.

Hidden River Resort also allows pets, so if you’d like to take your dog camping and to explore hiking trails, you’re in luck.

Forest Hills Club

Forest Hills Club is a family-friendly, clothing-optional campground that is located in Saranac, Minnesota. Pets are permitted at the campground as long as you’re able to supply your pet’s vaccination records. It even boasts a large, fenced-off dog run.

Forest Hills Club welcomes first-timers, and on your first visit, you’ll enjoy an introductory meeting with a staff member, who’ll be able to teach you everything you need to know about nude camping.

The campground’s on-site facilities include two cafes: a poolside cafe, a heated swimming pool, a communal deck, and an outdoor pavilion. There’s also a fully-equipped clubhouse which offers a pool table and a dartboard.

If you don’t fancy sleeping in a tent, you’ll be able to rent one of the campgrounds three private cabins. Each of which offers a deck where you can sunbathe.

Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park

Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park are located in Houston, Texas. It’s easy to make friends at Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park as the campground offers an ever-changing, action-packed events calendar. For example, Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park host an annual Mardi Gras party and an annual rock and roll themed Memorial Day Party.

Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park offer an indoor spa and an outdoor spa that offers lake views, a private beach, and a large pool overlooking Emerald Lake. If you’re a keen angler, you’ll also be able to fish off the campground’s beach, or you can hire a small boat to fish in the middle of the lake. Some of the activities that are on offer include kayaking, volleyball, hiking, and bird watching.

While some nude campgrounds prohibit singles, Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park welcome singles as well as families.

Final Thoughts

If you’re comfortable with your body and enjoy being nude in your own home when relaxing, it’s well worth going nude camping for the first time as there’s a high possibility that you’ll relish the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors nude, and will enjoy feeling the sun, wind, and water on your bare skin.

Even if you don’t end up having the time of your life, you’ll be able to tick nude camping off your bucket list and will have a few interesting tales to tell. After all, part of the fun of traveling is testing your comfort zone and trying out new experiences. However, it’s more than likely that you’ll thoroughly enjoy swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and socializing naked and will become a new convert to the world of nude camping.

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