7 Amazing Foods that Start with C

foods that start with C

Below you’ll find a list of 7 foods that start with C, that are well worth trying on your international travels. I’ve been lucky enough to try out all of the dishes, and you’re in for a real treat.

Some Foods that Start with C:

  1. Chicken Rice
  2. Champ
  3. Croissants
  4. Cardamom
  5. Churros
  6. Chicken
  7. Parmigiana
  8. Ceviche.

1. Chicken Rice, Singapore

Foods That Start With C
Photo by Misaochan / CC BY

Chicken Rice is the first dish on our list of 7 foods that start with C. Chicken Rice is considered by many as the national dish of Singapore. Chicken Rice consists of steamed or boiled chicken, which is served on top of white rice. However, what makes chicken rice special is that it is always served with separate dipping sauces.

When I order Chicken Rice from a market stall or a local mom and pop style eatery, I always order my chicken rice with a side of dark soy sauce. Which is infused with chili, garlic, and ginger.

How did Chicken Rice become one of Singapore’s national dishes? In the 1950s Chicken Rice rose in popularity due to the success of the Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant. Which operated from 1947 to 1997 and attracted long lines of customers.

2. Champ, Ireland

Photo by Glane23 / CC BY-SA

If you visit a cozy Irish pub, make sure to order a side of Champ. Champ is the second dish on our list of 7 foods that start with C. What is Champ? Champ is Ireland’s version of mashed potatoes and contains potatoes, diced scallions, butter, and milk. If you’ve never heard of scallions, they are a type of green onion that grows abundantly in Ireland. Champ is great to eat alongside your chosen main.

What type of dishes compliment Champ? I followed the lead of my Irish friends and ordered Champ with fish. Although Champ is also typically eaten with sausages, steak or lamb.

When was Champ invented? Champ is a relatively new dish and was invented in the mid 20th century. When it was first produced Champ would feature stinging nettle. Although it’s hard to find Champ which contains stinging needle today, as the stunning needle has become an expensive ingredient.

3. Croissants, Austria & France

There’s no better way to start off a day in Paris, than with a fresh, buttery Croissant and a cup of strong coffee. Trust me, from the moment that you walk into a French bakery in the morning, your stomach will rumble. As you’ll be able to smell, the distinct aroma of freshly baked, flaky Croissants.

However, while croissants are associated with France, they were actually invented in Austria. In fact, the ancestor of the Croissant, the Kipfel, was invented in Austria during the 13th century.

If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to use a knife to spread raspberry or strawberry jam onto your croissant. Although I prefer eating savory Croissants. Sometimes, I purchase a bit of local ham and cheese, in order to make my own ham and cheese croissant for an inexpensive, yet satisfying picnic lunch.

4. Cardamom, India, and Indonesia

Cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which you can purchase. One of the reasons why Cardamom is so expensive is that the seeds which are used to create Cardamom are still handpicked, which can be a time-consuming process.

Cardamom is created using crushed up seeds of a variety of different plants. All of which are native to India and most of which can be found in Indonesia. However, the central ingredient of cardamon is cardamon pods. What does Cardamom taste like? I’d describe Cardamom as minty, spicy and citrusy.

If you visit India, you’ll be able to taste Cardamom in rice and in a wide variety of curry dishes. In fact, Cardamom is even used to create desserts such as Masala Doodh, which is a rich Indian cake that features milk and Cardamom.

5. Churros, Mexico and Spain


While they are associated primarily with Mexico and Spain, Churros are also popular in Portugal and the Philippines. What are Churros? Churros are a fried, doughy pastry, which is covered in cinnamon and served as a snack.

Although there’s nothing stopping you from ordering Churros and ice cream at a Mexican or Spanish restaurant as a dessert. Or from ordering Churros Con Chocolate. Which are Churros served with a cup of chocolate dipping sauce. 

Alternatively, if you visit a food market in Mexico, you’ll be able to purchase a few Churro sticks served in a napkin, which has been cleverly folded to create a makeshift cup.

6. Chicken Parmigiana, Australia

Chicken Parmigiana

While Parmigiana is a well known Italian dish, that is comprised of sliced eggplant, cheese, and tomato, Chicken Parmigiana is a thoroughly Australian dish. It’s served at a lot of Australian cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

What is Chicken Parmigiana? Chicken Parmigiana is a dish that features crumbed chicken breast, which is covered with a tomato-based tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Some Australian eateries offer Chicken Parmigiana which features a layer of ham or bacon, which is placed on top of the dish’s chicken breast. I definitely prefer Chicken Parmigiana which boasts a thick slice of ham or bacon. 

7. Ceviche, Peru

Last but not least on my list of foods that start with c is Ceviche. If you ever visit Peru and Machu Picchu, make sure to taste a dish of authentic Peruvian Ceviche. I had Ceviche quite a lot when traveling around Peru and Central America. If you into fish, I highly recommend you trying out Ceviche.
While you can find Ceviche in other parts of the world such as Mexico, it was first developed in colonial Peru. After immigrant women from Granada who sailed to Peru with the Spanish, they created what we know today as Ceviche. 

What is Ceviche? Ceviche is a chilled seafood stew. Which is prepared using lime juice or lemon juice. A classic Ceviche recipe boasts avocado, coriander, lemon juice, lime juice, tomato, lime, spicy jalapeños, juice, and raw fish.


In Conclusion

So, if you plan on visiting Peru, Australia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Austria, France or Singapore, it’s well worth sampling some of the delicious foods which are listed above. All of the 7 foods that start with C, will make your mouth water. 

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