17 Amazing Solutions for Cabin Storage

cabin storage

Keeping a small cabin well organized can be a challenging task. If you struggle to find a proper spot for each of your belongings, continue reading to discover 17 effective cabin storage solutions. To ensure that your cabin remains clutter-free and that you’re always able to find the items which you require. 

1. Over the Door Shoe Racks

Instead of throwing your shoes into your closet, purchase an over the door shoe rack. So that you’ll be able to utilize the free space behind your bedroom door.

While you can store up to 12 pairs of shoes in an over the door shoe rack, you can also use your shoe rack’s pockets to store a wide variety of items. As examples, you could use an over the door shoe rack to safely store computer cables, gardening equipment, assorted tools or fishing equipment.

Alternatively, you can hang an over the door shoe rack on your bathroom door. In order to hold your toiletries. Or you can hang an over the door shoe rack in your cabin’s kitchen, to hold your herbs and spices. The possibilities are endless, and it’s great for optimizing your cabin storage.

2. Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum Sealed Bags

To free up much-needed room in your cabin, get into the habit of packing away your seasonal clothes at the end of each season. The best way to store seasonal clothing such as bulky sweaters is to place them in vacuum-sealed bags.

As an example, when you place clothing items inside a Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bag (See on Amazon), you’ll be able to reduce the size of the items which you place into your bag by 80%. If you use several vacuum storage bags to store your seasonal clothing, you’ll instantly free up much-needed room in your closet.

As an added bonus if you store your seasonal clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, you’ll prevent your clothes from becoming damaged. Especially as moths won’t be able to access your clothes in an airtight, vacuum-sealed bag. Not only will you be able to free up valuable room in your cabin by using vacuum-sealed bags but you’ll also be able to protect your clothes. 

3. Storage Ottomans

Storage Ottomans

A multi-purpose ottoman can be used as an extra seat when you have a company as well as a spacious storage box. You can also use an ottoman as a footrest. Examples of some of the items which will fit in a standard-sized ottoman include books, a laptop and children’s toys. You can even use an ottoman to store extra clothing.

When it comes to selecting a stylish ottoman, you’ll be able to choose from leather ottomans, suede ottomans, and velvet-covered ottomans. So you’ll be free to select an ottoman which suits the interior decor of your cabin. If you genuinely enjoy DIY projects, you can also have an old ottoman, reupholstered with a fabric of your choice. 

4. Clear Plastic Containers

Clear Plastic Containers

If you’re in need of extra storage space, make sure to utilize the space underneath your bed. As you’ll be able to store clear plastic containers underneath your bed. 

Make sure to opt for clear plastic containers, so that you can easily tell what’s inside each container. To avoid having to open up multiple plastic containers in order to find a specific item. If you’re concerned about being able to easily locate specific items, you can also place labels on the top of each of your plastic containers. 

It’s also worth selecting plastic containers that offer sturdy, plastic wheels. So that you’ll be able to slide your heavy plastic storage containers under your bed, with ease. As you may be surprised at just how heavy a plastic container, which is full of items, can be. Especially if you pack your plastic storage containers with all of the clothes that don’t fit in your drawers. 

5. Hidden Drawers

Give yourself well needed extra space by having hidden drawers built into your staircase. Alternatively, you can also have hidden drawers built underneath your bed. Hidden drawers are ideal for storing clothes such as jeans, sweaters, and coats. Although you can also store miscellaneous items in your hidden drawers.

One of the key benefits of having hidden drawers installed is that you’ll be able to keep your belongings out of sight. Instead of piling items up on your shelves, desks, and tables.

6. Stackable Storage Cubes

Stackable storage cubes come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used to store files and folders, towels, sheets, clothing, ornaments, and cleaning products. You can even use storage cubes in order to store all of your clutter. 

One benefit of purchasing storage cubes is that the same storage cubes can be used in different areas of your home. As an example one week you may decide to use your storage cubes in your bedroom, to store your t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters. While the next week, you may decide to repurpose your stackable storage cubes to organize your files, folders, and stationery in your home office. 

When you’re searching for high quality, storage cubes, keep a lookout for foldable storage cubes. As when you’re not using your storage cubes, you’ll be able to fold them down and place them in one of your drawers, for safekeeping. 

7. Storage Sheds

Storage Sheds
Photo by Tonniedixon

If running out of room to store items inside your cabin, purchase a storage shed. To drastically increase your available storage space. You can also use your storage shed in order to safely store large items such as a kayak, bicycles or fishing equipment. Just be sure to select a storage shed which is the right size for your needs. 

If you own a cabin in order to spend as much of your free time exploring the great outdoors and participating in adventurous pursuits such as mountain biking and kayaking, owing a storage shed will make your life a lot easier. As you won’t have to worry about keeping your sports equipment safe and dry. 

8. Lockable Outdoor Storage Cabinets

If you have fewer items to store and don’t require a full-sized storage shed, consider purchasing a lockable storage cabinet. As an outdoor storage cabinet can comfortably store small items such as DIY tools and garden tools 

You may even find using an outdoor storage cabinet to store your items more convenient than opting for a large storage shed. Most outdoor storage cabinets offer pre-made, built-in shelves. Which will make organizing your cabinet a simple, straight-forward process. 

The Sterilite 4 Shelf Cabinet (see on Amazon) is made in the USA and features titanium handles and four adjustable shelves. It can also accommodate a standard-sized padlock. Lastly, the Sterilite 4 Shelf Cabinet can also be assembled in under 15 minutes. Better yet, you don’t need a toolset to construct it.

9. Under Floor Storage 

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create hidden storage in your cabin’s flooring. As you’ll be able to cut an area of your flooring in order to create a DIY hatch, which you’ll be able to use to access your underfloor storage. 

If you have little experience completing home renovation projects, simply enlist the help of a friend who is handy with a saw and a hammer. Or pay for a carpenter or builder to create underfloor storage for you. One of the benefits of paying a professional to create your underfloor storage for you is that the cuts which they make will be straight and uniform. 

The best items to keep stored in underfloor storage are items which you don’t use on a daily basis, that you still use on the odd occasion. If you have items that you’d like to keep safe, simply place them in your underfloor storage and move a heavy piece of furniture on top of the hatch. 

10. Sofa Beds 

Sofa Bed

While you may not appreciate sleeping on a sofa bed every night, it’s still well worth purchasing a sofa bed. As if you enjoy hosting friends and family members, your guests will be able to sleep on your sofa bed. 

By purchasing a sofa bed as a guest bed, you’ll be able to make the best use out of your cabin’s limited space. You’ll be able to use your sofa bed as a regular sofa, on an everyday basis. 

Better yet, imagine how comfortable you’ll be when you pull out your sofa bed in order to watch a movie marathon! As there’s no reason why you can’t use your sofa bed to relax during a relaxed at home. 

11. Multi-purpose Kitchen Islands

A multi-purpose kitchen island can be used as an informal dining table, additional counter space, and extra storage space. Some custom built kitchen islands also include extra drawers, which you’ll be able to use in order to store large pieces of kitchen equipment. Such as large, pots and pans, blenders and kitchen mixers. 

If you’re happy to go without a traditional dining table, you’ll also be able to make the most out of your cabin’s space by eating your meals at your kitchen island. Especially if you live alone and hardly use your full-sized, dining table. 

If you’re sold on the idea of building a versatile kitchen island, make sure to purchase two kitchen stools. As you’ll be able to tuck them out of the way, underneath your kitchen island. 

12. Hanging Kitchen Racks 

Photo by Cooks & Kitchen

In order to better organize your kitchen, purchase a ceiling-mounted kitchen rack. So that you’ll be able to hang your pots, pans and kitchen utensils above your kitchen island, oven, kitchen counter or sink. 

The Sorbus Pot and Pan Rack for Ceiling with Hooks also features a handy shelf. That can be used to store oversized items such as bakeware or your favorite cookbooks. 

Just because you own a small cabin, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Luckily the Sorbus Pot and Pan Rack for Ceiling with Hooks, with its chrome finish, is effortlessly stylish and will attract plenty of compliments. 

13. Small Lofts

If you currently live in a single-story cabin, you may want to consider adding a loft to your open space, cabin. As an example, with careful planning, you’ll be able to build a small loft, which can be used as an extra bedroom or as a dedicated storage space. 

Depending on your available space you may choose to use a compact ladder or a small, narrow staircase to access your new loft. If you frequently have guests stay over, creating a loft based extra bedroom is a brilliant idea. Alternatively, you may want to turn your loft into a quiet reading nook or a makeshift home office.

If you’re tempted by the idea of having a loft built into your cabin, it’s well worth looking up images of different designs. As you may find a layout or design that inspires you and which will suit the floor plan of your cabin. 

14. Window Seats Which Double As Storage Units

Installing a window seat that doubles as a storage unit is a great way to make the best possible use out of your cabin’s floor plan. As you’ll be able to fit a wide variety of items in your window seat. Most window seats which also serve as storage units feature cushioned seats, which can be lifted up to reveal a spacious, storage compartment.

Just be sure to place your new window seat next to a window that offers a picturesque view. Such as a lakeside view or a forest view. As you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll use your window seat to gaze at your surroundings. Or to read a book, during a sunny afternoon. 

15. Fold-Down Tables 

As a traditional dining table takes up a sizeable amount of space, it’s worth looking into having a folding table built into one of your walls. That way when you’d like to enjoy a meal or to work on your laptop, you’ll be able to pull your folding table down. In three seconds flat. 

However, when you have no need for a table, you’ll be able to fold your table away in order to create extra space. As an example, you’ll be able to fold your table away when you plan to entertain guests. Of you’ll be able to fold your table away in order to create enough floor space to complete a quick home-based workout. 

16. Floating Shelves 

Floating Shelves

If you’re long overdue to put up new shelving, seriously consider opting for floating shelves. Floating shelves take up less space than traditional shelves and can be used to display decorative items such as photo frames, flowers, and ornaments. 

If one of your primary passions in life is visiting as many countries as possible, you’ll find that floating shelves are great for displaying your travel souvenirs. As examples, you could place handcrafted items that you purchased from an open-air market in Istanbul or Thailand, on a floating shelf. Alongside a digital photo frame that showcases your favorite travel photos and memories. 

Alternatively, you can stack old DVDs or video games on your floating shelves. If you still read physical books, you can also balance a stack of books, to give the illusion that your books are floating in mid-air. You may even notice that visitors to your cabin will have to look twice at your book stack twice, in order to discover that you’ve used floating shelves, to display your books.

17. Closet Organizer

If your closet is so full that clothes almost fall out of your closet, when you open your closet door, you need to purchase a closet organizer. As a functional closet organizer will feature a variety of customizable shelves, which you can use to store different types of clothing.

For example, the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer offers shelves to place your folded trousers on. As well as telescopic rods that you’ll be able to use to hang your shirts. In total, it offers 9 shelves as well as 2 rails and 2 hang rods. Furthermore, it offers a mixture of 26-inch shelves and 48-inch shelves. 

If you’re slightly concerned about installing your Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer, you may be relieved to read that it comes with mounting hardware. To allow for easy, effortless installation. As it can be incredibly frustrating attempting to assemble an item, only to find that you’re missing a few critical pieces. 

If you do decide to purchase a closet organizer, make sure to read the specifications for each size properly. To avoid purchasing a closet organizer which doesn’t fit in your bedroom’s closet.

Final Thoughts

So if you’ve been struggling to find enough room in your small cabin to carefully store all of your belongings, it’s well worth using some of the effective cabin storage solutions which are listed above. As you’ll find that your seemingly small cabin, offers a lot more room than you thought. Better yet, you should find it far easier to locate specific items, when every item in your cabin has a designated spot.

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